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Multicultural English Literature pkuschool

About This Course

This course will focus on reading and actively engaging with a wide variety of multicultural texts for adolescents. Materials encompass English poems, films, music, plays, historical accounts and fictions. By investigating diverse identities, communities and cultural practices from literature, students will be given the opportunity to recognize cultural heritages, understand sociological changes, respect the value of minority groups, raise aspirations, and expand imagination and creativity. Meanwhile, the course will help students to explore how English is appropriately used under different contexts and how choices of language exert influence from various aspects.

Upon completing the course, students will be able to: 1) develop reading, writing, communicating, researching and presentation skills 2) expand vocabulary, deepen metalinguistic awareness and correctly utilize English grammar 3) use strategies such as Mirrors and Windows to make text-to-text, text-to-person, text-to-world connections, develop literary appreciation skills and critical thinking ability 4) recognize diversity of culture and power of language through comparative analysis.


Grasp a certain amount of vocabulary, capable of comprehending short stories and writing personal journals (a prerequisite English reading course recommended).

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